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About Us

Welcome to the Hangerlust Boutique! I hope to provide fun, and trendy, fashion finds for online purchasers like you.  Besides being a busy mom of three, I have endured the corporate world for fifteen plus years. When what I thought was the norm wasn't anymore I was approached with this idea of my new normal and not to mention a fun side hustle.  I love to shop, but my closet is full so, what better way to keep that going is let me shop for you?  I always loved dressing up for work and enjoyed being casual trendy on Fridays.  Whether you’re taking it down a notch on the weekend when hanging out with the family, or heading for a quick trip to the grocery, you have to be presentable in case you see someone you know, right?!  What about that last-minute BBQ, hanging out with the neighbor friends, or that “girl’s night out” that pops up on the schedule?  Hangerlust strives to offer styles that are not seven to eight deep on the clothing store shelves. I want our customers to have those one-of-a-kind style options that not only makes you feel good wearing them, but make other people notice too!